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Tropical Delight

Tropical Delight

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Ivey N Ava are my 2 beautiful baby girls (5 & 6) who wanted to follow in mommies foot steps and start their very own business. So the three of us partnered together to create IVEY N AVA HAIR OIL. We wanted this treatment to leave their hair feeling soft & moisturized. I wanted to add the essential ingredients needed to strengthen hair, prevent breakage and promote hair growth. As cooperative, smart female business partners, we worked until Tropical Delight met all our needs. And that means, it will meet of all your needs, too!


  • Provides natural shine
  • Promotes Healthy hair growth 
  • Provides natural nourishment

  • Contains healthy hair natural fatty acids

  • Helps control breakage

  • Conditions Hair & Scalp

  • Relieves dry scalp
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